I've been absent from the blog for a time, but now I'm back! Stephanie and I went to the park today and she met two really good friends. They were having so much fun!!


A week ago, on Wednesday May 25th we went to Chatsworth. I was very exchited to go since I adore the movie "The Duchess" with Natalie Portman. The first paintings are Duchess Georgiana Cavendish of Devonshire. The third painitng is Charlotte Cavendish, Marchioness of Hartington. I am in love with the history of Chatsworth and all Dukes and Duchesses that have lived there, especially Georgiana. The only reason for taking the picture of Charlotte is that we have the same name. Going around to palaces here in England I notice that there are lots of paintings of Charlottes out there! Feels good to have a royal name ;)